Taking a break from his typical morning routine of organizing photos and finishing various work to deliver, photographer Mariano Nocitto and I chatted about art, inspirations, models, and even entered some nostalgia on his favourite day of photoshooting.

Being based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mariano finds there is a lot of magic for him in the desert and mountains. Although he wants to travel everywhere for work, the colours, the vegetation, and the incredible sunsets in places like Salta, San juan, Jujuy (all in Argentina) are incredible and a dream for his creativity.

Looking at guys like David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino as inspirations, we agree that they show that there may be exceptional situations within common and varied scenarios, but very normal and super care-free almost always.

"What inspires me are the common situations that may occur at any time. I try to take advantage of that. Nothing too elaborate."

When choosing models for his shoots, Mariano does so with the team that he's going to do the photos, to be harmonious with the idea that you can get to be between make up and styling. He loves the girls and boys with rare traits or faces - especially model Tati Dobosz from Pink Models Management. Being published on DMag over a year or so ago, the editorial is remembered to be one of Mariano's favourite days of photoshooting ---> dmagazine.com.ar/moda/pan-vol-ii_593.html

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Styling: Clau Rojas 
Make up & hair: Lucia Jorge 
Model: Grete @Lo management